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* No Artificial Preservatives             * No Artificial Colors or Flavors

       * No Soybeans                                   * No Beet Pulp

              * No Charcoal                                     * All USDA-Inspected Meat Sources

                      * No Downed Animals



Dry commercial diets are responsible for a whole host of breakdown conditions including: breakdowns during growth, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, reproductive problems, bloat, torsion, and many others. Because the causes are food-related, the solutions are food-related as well. In an attempt to solve or prevent these problems, an industry has emerged in which frozen raw meat is added to plant matter or offered in various blends to be added to dry commercial rations. It is assumed that these problems will disappear if raw meat is substituted for the foundation ingredients in dry diets. This has not happened.

The problem with the current raw diets is that most of them are primarily composed of plant matter which is indigestible to the dog (and cat), even though it is well known that feeding raw plant matter exclusively to dogs will result in starvation, because dogs do not produce the enzymes needed to break down cellulose (there are many other reasons as well).

In the 50s, the largest producer of dry diets circulated an absurd notion that dogs consumed mostly the plant matter contained in the internal organs of their prey, justifying the production of kibble composed mostly of highly processed grain. This mistake is now being applied to try to justify the use of voluminous amounts of raw vegetables which are included in today’s raw diets. Grain can be used by dogs if it is highly processed. Raw vegetables cannot, regardless of whether they are masticated by the animal or ground mechanically. In addition, the pulp produced is not suitable to the feeding of carnivores.

In short, while raw diets are supposed to prevent the problems created by commercial kibble, the concept of them, as it is elaborated today by companies other than Abady, is so faulty that their remedial effects are put in doubt.

In order to produce a fresh diet that works one must understand which factors, both in composition and structure, cause the dry diet to be so faulty. Only the Abady Company has mastered these profound nutritional issues and addressed them in its dry products. As a result, Abady complete fresh frozen raw diets have been designed without the drawbacks of the dry diets, and the benefits of using raw meat and organs are amplified. Modern raw diets (again, other than those produced by the Abady Company) are, on the whole, improperly focused.

Abady complete fresh frozen raw diets were the first in the country to enter the marketplace over 30 years ago. These diets have been, and continue to be, improved as new knowledge in nutrition emerges (much of it based on original research performed by the Abady Company) and various ingredients increase in availability. At the time of the writing of this pamphlet, the Abady Company makes five full-feeding raw diets, four of them proven formulas that have been in existence for up to 30 years. The fifth is new, but has been thoroughly tested over five years. Thousands of animals have been successfully grown and maintained on Abady products over this period. Hundreds have reproduced abundantly, and it is upon these feeding results that Abady’s reputation as the world’s leader in species-appropriate nutrition is based.


The raw Abady Formula for Maintenance and Stress is a scientifically advanced and Natural complete and balanced dog food. lt is ideal for maintaining dogs of any size and weight under normal or stressful conditions and for growing puppies that will mature at 60 lb or less at one year of age. This formula, with minor changes, has been in existence since 1972.

The raw Abady Growth Formula for Puppies of the Large and Giant Breeds is a scientifically advanced and Natural complete and balanced dog food for growing puppies that will weigh more than 60 lb at one year of age. Developed in the mid-1970s, this formula grows puppies of the large and giant breeds in an extraordinary fashion. lt can be used successfully in combination with the dry granular Abady Formula for Growing Puppies of the Larger Breeds or the Abady Formula for Growing Puppies of the Giant Breeds. lt is the only growth food in the world which has been fed to 2,000 German Shepherd puppies over a 20-year period at the prestigious Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation in Bloomfield Connecticut.

In addition to the great soundness produced by the Abady raw Growth Formula for Puppies of the Large and Giant Breeds, whether fed alone or in combination with the dry granular Abady Formula for Growing Puppies of the Larger Breeds or the Abady Formula for Growing Puppies of the Giant Breeds, it develops a level of beauty and health that is unfathomable. It must be seen to be believed!

The third product in the Abady arsenal is the complete fresh frozen raw High Stress/High Performance formula for maximizing the performance of show, house, hunting, racing sled dogs, racing greyhounds and whippets, and guard dogs. Its unique nutrient balance helps ensure full-tissue repair while satisfying caloric needs. The Abady raw High Stress/High Performance formula is ideal for dogs kenneled outdoors in cold climates. Due to its concentrated structure it is also ideal for dogs in hot climates whose food intake is generally lower. This formula can be successfully mixed with the Abady dry granular State of the Art High Stress and Competition formula. These extraordinary competition all-weather formulas have been extensively field tested, including finishing the 1,000-mile course in good standing at the famous Alaskan Iditarod race. While major producers of dry diets have paid mushers to claim that their formulas fed the winning racing teams (while in reality, they fed diets comprised of beaver and other wild animals), the Abady team trained and raced on Abady fresh frozen competition diets.

The fourth raw canine diet (the latest) is called Abady Allstar™ Allbeef N.P.F. (Natural Power Formula). It is truly the best raw meat canine ration anywhere and is composed of USDA-inspected Beef Muscle Meat, Beef Tripe, Lard (pork fat), Beef Fat, Sunflower Oil (non genetically-engineered variety), Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Lung, Beef Spleen, Flaxseed Oil, Anchovy Oil, and assorted vitamins and minerals to balance. This formula does not include grain.

The Abady Complete and Balanced Fresh-Frozen Formula for Maintenance and Stress for Cats is a wonderful full-feeding formula for cats and kittens. Featured in its ingredient list are: Beef Kidney, Beef Lung, Whole Chicken, Beef Fat, Beef Liver, and Sunflower Oil, fortified with Beef Muscle Meat and Beef Meal.

The basic principles of a successful raw or dry diet are:

A.        Most of the protein must be derived from meat or internal organs (by-products) or other highly nutritious animal sources. Only Abady offers this.

B.         The calories must be derived principally from animal fats (beef fat, lard (pork fat), fish fats, and oils). The plant-derived oils serve as fatty acid precursors. Pork fat (lard) is the most nutritious of the land-based fatty acid sources and closely approximates the nutritional index of fish fat.

C.        The grain levels should be as low as is practical. In Abady dry granular foods the carbohydrate levels are significantly lower than in commercial dry diets (kibble). In some of Abady’s raw diets a small amount of grain helps to regulate glucose levels and moderate growth. Without it some puppies do not grow steadily. Grain is preferred over vegetable matter because it is usable by the animal. Abady frozen diets do not contain raw vegetable matter.

D.        The fiber content should be minimal and most raw diets manufactured by companies other than Abady contain enormous amounts of vegetable cellulose. Large amounts of cellulose (crude fiber) can reverse the digestive processes. It speeds up the passage of food through the stomach and small intestine, lowering its nutritional value, and slows the passage of food through the colon, potentially generating enormous quantities of damaging bacteria and creating widespread allergies. In most Abady complete fresh frozen raw diets a small quantity of meat-based fiber is supplied by a small addition of beef meal. Some is also provided by the raw tissue itself.

E.         We know that a lot of fuss is being made about the advantages of including bone in raw diets. Bone provides a natural source of calcium and phosphorous, but has to be balanced correctly. This does not appear to have been done in most commercial diets that include bone. The massive inclusion of cellulose in most raw diets lowers the nutritional value of the food and binds many of the minerals, making them unavailable to the body for bone building and repair. In Abady, most of the key minerals are provided by ground bone while some of the minerals and natural fibers are provided by a small amount of beef meal and the entire diet is balanced with the addition of dicalcium phosphate (of animal origin) and trace minerals. There are no fiber sources (cellulose)

in Abady formulas capable of lowering the nutritional value of the food, or of generating damaging bacteria, or binding essential minerals. The large amounts of cellulose in most raw diets unbalance the critical ratio between calcium and phosphorous by binding phosphorous. Serious growth and other problems can insue.


Soybeans are included in many foods (not Abady products) as an inexpensive source of protein. Soy also contains ovulation-suppressing factors which can interfere with reproduction. Ingredients such as beet pulp, cellulose flour, tomato pomace, and alfalfa are included in products manufactured by companies other than Abady primarily because in the absence of sufficient amounts of meat-based ingredients they can produce a firm stool. This does not occur without penalty to the animal. All of the above-mentioned ingredients contain saponins except cellulose flour, which contains alkali which can burn intestinal tissue.

Some vegetable matter contains plant toxins (saponins) that can wreak havoc with the animal, as is explained further on in this text. This is true of certain grains as well. In Abady’s dry and raw food products such ingredients are never included. There are a number of dry formulas that masquerade as raw meat-based formulas – some contain ingredients such as: soybeans, beet pulp, tomato pomace, alfalfa, sorghum, oats, peas, beans, potatoes, garlic, and yucca, all of which contain saponins. Because their molecules are large, saponins are not absorbed readily from the digestive organs. Nevertheless, when ingested by dogs at sublethal levels on a regular basis, they will corrode the digestive organs, allowing the saponins to enter the bloodstream as if they were injected. Symptoms of saponin toxicity range from convulsions and paralysis to sudden death. Saponins paralyze the digestive organs and suppress the vomiting reflex and are the principal cause of bloat and torsion. They also irritate and inflame the digestive tract, causing a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders as well as death. Death in such cases has been ascribed to the inflammation caused by the saponins rather than by direct absorption. There is a great variety to the toxicity of saponins from different sources; even their effects on different animals may vary.

The toxicity of saponins from most of the ingredients that are commonly included in commercial dog foods can be very severe. Experiments with pregnant animals yielded patterns of abortion and death. Necropsy findings were fairly consistent and revealed intestinal inflammation and enlargement of the veins in the abdomen, intestines, and uterus. Hemorrhages in the heart, uterus, and abdominal cavity, gastroenteritis, colitis, and retained placentas were also common. There is a broad range of interference with reproduction caused by saponins and by hormones that suppress ovulation contained in many of the same materials. Legume saponins inhibit protein-splitting enzymes and cholinesterase, which not only interferes with the body’s ability to break down food, but also increases the toxicity of many drugs (i.e., worming agents, insect sprays, etc.). The proclivity of saponins toward enzyme destruction is not affected by heat or processing.

Saponins also interfere with the enzymes concerned with energy metabolism. Of particular significance are those enzymes that are concerned with the citric acid cycle. Inhibition of this major metabolic pathway has profound effects on nutrient utilization and animal growth. Enormous quantities of fibrous material create a firm stool. Saponins leaking through the gastrointestinal tissue can partially paralyze the digestive process and contribute to the creation of firm stools which cannot be differentiated visually from stools produced by fibrous material that does not contain saponins.

Some saponins are nontoxic to humans, but are very toxic to animals. To compound the problems, research has proven that sugar beet and soybean saponins and phaseolins promote rapid growth while interfering with the protein-splitting enzymes involved in tissue production. Clearly the use of ingredients that are high in fibrous material designed to form a firm stool artificially like beet pulp, tomato pomace, or cellulose flour can only multiply the effects of the saponins as well as the risks to the animal by retaining the food and fibrous material for extended periods at the illeocaecal valve and in the colon.

Abady fresh frozen raw diets are unique. They are targeted to both general and specific needs of dogs and cats and supply diets largely composed of meat, internal organs, fats, and bone. They are fully balanced and their effectiveness has been demonstrated over generations. They do not contain plant toxins and can be mixed freely with other Abady dry formulas, making them even more economical. They are properly focused and safe to feed.

As always, choosing Abady products will result in long breakdown-free lives for the animals that consume them: the Abady fresh frozen raw diets are unparalleled in the marketplace and provide the best nutrition in the world by closely proximating Nature’s diets for carnivores.


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